Summer Turns into Fall

My aspiration in life… would be… to be happy….. Happy New Year!! ” Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worst We try to fix something but you can’t fix…

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Receive Authenticity Willingly (Do not fight against the tide)


#Kwanzaa #Nia #Purpose ~ Build sound/solid foundations to enable our present and future generations productivity and family bond.. Grow Heal Love Together!

Life is a beautiful journey regardless of what we encounter along our path. Just remember to live life, enjoy life and take time to always reflect on your life. Remember that another’s person opinion of us ~  is not our reality, another’s perception, opinion and views are not always the truth. Know who you are and stand in your truth.

Remember it is ok to decide who remain in our inner realm as we journey through life. For some we have let into our realm, their reason becomes blatantly clear. For others, their season in our life is over. For others, we continue to treasure their presence for the rest of our lives.

Peace is essential to our happiness, as we let go all that we cannot change. We cannot change a person, neither can we change history already written.. i.e. we can never change anything in our lives that have happened on our path. But we can accept the reality of the situation, accept the role we played and the choices we made. Total acceptance of that truth is beautifilled peace.

Forgiveness is powerfilled. Forgiving self, forgiving others. Just imagine so many with a heavy soul full of baggage of hurt and pain from wrongs done to them. While the ones who caused the hurt and pain is living free and happy. Makes no sense – does it?

Love yourself free. Love self enough to heal and shake off all negative vibes you have encountered. You are unique, you are special, you are powerful as you rise in your true self, no apologies to anyone for being true to self. Accept who you are and the out pour of unconditional love will resonate in your life.

Choose your battles wisely and remember that every wave do not have to crash on your shore. Seek wisdom and be wise. Many have knowledge, but few have wisdom. Silence is golden. Always ease your hand out of the lion’s mouth, never drag it out. And always remember, a wise man can play the part of a fool, but a fool can never play the part of a wise man. Know what to speak, know what not to speak.

Could you be love and be loved? 📝 Cred: MTDVybes

Re – Attract Wisdom 💞 On Your Journey


Correct your thoughts! Thoughts are powerful, be mindful in consciousness and awareness so the manifestations in your life are in alignment with what serves your highest good! So many doors will open that no man can close!

Listen to your words, speak positive vibrations into your Life and you will RE-ATTRACT what serve your highest good!

Watch your actions, choose to be a Light Unto Others and let go all that hurt you or try to take advantage of you; without holding a grudge, The Universe will reward your efforts eternally!

Be Intune with your character, stop reacting to ish, stop judging others, stop competing with others, stop watching others period! Release all negative character vices and know without a reason of a doubt that The Source Of All Existence have got you covered, protected as intuition reveals and guide you on your journey! I live this!! EYE see/feel the results!!

As you walk in WISDOM, you are lead into your Destiny, know who you are and your contribution to the world as you stand up for yourself! You are being Lead on your journey of unlimited blessings! #KnowYourWorth #RiseInDignity #WalkYourTalk #MiraclesAreBlessings #BlessingsAreMiracles #NeverDoubt #NeverFear 💞 ~ cred: MTDVybes

Sooner or later…the pendulum will move in your direction.

Whatever happens in the physical; happens first in the spiritual. Know thyself and be aware of which seeds you are watering in your BEING! Be aware of what goes around comes around full circle. What goes up must come down. As above, so below! You reap what you sow! Do unto others as you will like them to do unto you! ~ MTDVybes

“If you use your mind, time and energy to cause harm to anyone, the pendulum will sooner or later move in your direction. Spiritually you will be held accountable for what you do.” ~ Iy…

Source: Sooner or later…the pendulum will move in your direction.